Make your data work for you. The hardest part of analyzing your data for insights is knowing what questions to ask. Weave's Analytics Platform is the best in the industry, based on extensive market research and delivered with pre-configured dashboards.

Executive Metrics

Weave Analytics delivers critical business performance metrics to help your executive team assess overall business performance.

Pre-configured and beautifully designed dashboards identify sales trends, margin, inventory patterns, staff performance, and critical customer demographic information. The strain of exporting data and consolidating custom spreadsheets to understand business performance is gone.

Why Weave Analytics?

These are just some of the ways we can make your data work for you.

  • Assess sales and margin performance by state, store, category, brand, salesperson, even day of week and time of day.
  • View inventory data (past and present) to measure carrying cost, retail value, and assortment across categories.

...Go On

  • Sign up for a daily snapshot, delivered directly to your mobile device, providing key sales and margin information that keeps your executive team up to date on how the business is performing, each and every day.
  • For multi-store, multi-state operators, Weave delivers a consolidated view of all operations data in one place, accessible anywhere and on any device.

The Bottom Line

When you deploy Weave in your business, your overall operating model unequivocally improves. Skeptical? Talk to our customers. They will, across the board, echo this sentiment.

API Integrations

We understand we can't do it all. By partnering with the best in the industry, we make sure you and your customers have a seamless end to end experience.