The Weave Story

Weave’s journey began in 2014, when amendment 64 passed in Colorado and recreational cannabis use was legalized. Our Founder’s came from successful exits in technology startups and careers in enterprise and mobile software. An introduction to a local medical cannabis business operator opened our eyes to the cumbersome, antiquated, and broken workflows needed to stay compliant with new regulations. METRC established the traceability system that cannabis entities were required to use, but there was a lack of internal tracking, operations, and reporting for these businesses to thrive. After interviewing countless operators and owners, Weave saw a great opportunity to build a robust, scalable platform for inventory management and all aspect of resource planning.

Weave believed the industry deserved better systems, and in 2015, pivoted the company from building consumer applications on top of existing cannabis platforms to first build a point of sale product that would set the standard for years to come. Weave was fortunate in gaining support from one of the largest technology companies in the world, Google. In 2015, utilizing Google’s infrastructure and technologies, was able to build one of the world’s most advanced and modern inventory management systems. The company has always been predicated on building world-class products and making our customers smile. Starting in late 2016, cannabis retailers that are licensed with their state are able to now forget their inventory woes and complicated compliance regulations by partnering with us.

At Weave, we believe in legalization, but more importantly, we believe that the right technology is needed to bring transparency to an industry that has thrived in criminal corners of the country in the past. Our world is evolving and progressing and it is Weave’s mission to become the backbone for an industry that needs stability, transparency, compliance, innovation, and support.

Christian Nitu
Dustin Higginbotham
James Ontiveros
VP Engineering
Dan Mahowald
Chairman, Investor